Teachers who have inspired some of these songs

Gangaji was my first spiritual teacher, from 1994 to 1999. She lives in California. Visit with her at

Eckhart Tolle was my second teacher, from 1999 till 2002. I had the great joy of knowing him for those years as he lives in Vancouver BC. He is best known for his first book “The Power of Now”. Visit with him at

Byron Katie has been a true inspiration from 2001 to the present. She’s very down to earth and has a great sense of humor. “Loving what is”, her first book and CD set are so very clear, as are her subsequent books. Visit with her at and download the process called the work to set yourself free!

Adyashanti has been my teacher since 2003 and I’m deeply grateful for his clarity, and depth of being. He is awake to his true nature, simple, authentic and direct. He lives in  California with his wife Mukti, who also teaches. He has wonderful books (like “Emptiness Dancing”) and talks on CD and DVD. Visit with him at

Other links

Sasha Rose, wondrous singer, songwriter and musician can be found at and at

Greg Stuart is a wonderful recording engineer in Maple Ridge BC. His website is

Ivan Boudreau, another great singer, songwriter and musician, is at

Cailin Green is a gifted graphics artist and can be found at She created the graphics for my CD and website

Robert Campbell, computer wizard. He and his team created my great website – visit

Robert & Cailin are also musical visit

Andy Meyers, wonderful, creative recording artist and musician. He engineered my second CD on Salt Spring Island. Visit

Leigh Hilbert, creative photographer and videographer provided his beautiful photos for my second CD. Visit