Who am I

This is a question I’ve asked myself for most of my life! Here is some background.

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and from the age of about six, two yearnings were born in me. One was to be a singer, and being a shy, quiet child, I really couldn’t believe that one! The other was to be pure of heart and I truly felt a spiritual path was calling. I started playing music in my early twenties (dulcimer, flute and guitar), then began writing songs in my mid twenties. My true calling seems to be to write and sing inspirational songs that support this spiritual journey called life.

As I’ve fallen more deeply into who I am, I’m finding my voice and the greatest joy I know is to sing. This CD, Quiet Joy, is my first and is a collection of songs that span the past 30 years! It came out in July 2007. My second CD was born in late March, 2017, nearly 10 years after the first one. Many of the songs were written on Galiano, at my precious yearly retreat there. I’m so deeply grateful for the gift of creativity, song, and people to share the music with! Such a blessed life!

My daughter Sasha Rose was born in 1979, in Invermere, BC. She truly embodies the essence of spirit, through music. She’s a true inspiration to me and it’s been an awesome collaboration with her, to bring this CD to fruition. Singing with her is truly beyond wonderful!

Sasha has recorded 2 CDs “Grace”, in 1999, and “Creation song” in 2004 and is currently working on the third. She has toured extensively, and her music has uplifted and inspired many! You can visit with her at www.sasharosemusic.com and at www.myspace.com/sashabutterflyrose

May these songs touch and open your heart, as they have mine. Thank you for listening!

Professional life

I left Ottawa after high school and moved to the wee town of Sechelt, BC. Immersing myself in such a beautiful country environment, by the ocean, was deeply healing for me. After working as a treeplanter for 7 years, I became a massage therapist in 1978. This has been such a gift to me and I’m still practicing 36 years later! During that time, I also became a Reiki master and I deeply enjoy teaching both Reiki and massage.

I’ve worked at the Fairmont Hot Springs Lodge, the Radium Hot Springs Lodge, in Creston, Kitsilano (in Vancouver), North Vancouver and Maple Ridge, all in BC. I moved to Salt Spring Island in December of 2009 and am enjoying a quieter practice here. I’m so grateful to the healing arts for supporting me in walking the path of spirit, while learning to get out of my own way, so that this life may be lived more fully.