Quiet Joy

This CD, my first, was released on July 1st, 2007 and is a dream come true for me. The songs that have snuggled in here were written over the last 30 years! The CD offers 14 songs and is an hour in length.  To read the lyrics, go here…

When I think of the whole process of creating this CD, the words, “God is alive, magic is afoot” come to mind! It’s been an inspiring journey, with just the right musicians coming together, including wonderful family! Playing with my daughter, Sasha and my sister, Kathy was such a gift! And, Greg, my recording engineer, was awesome to work with!

The music is what I call spiritual folk, songs to uplift and inspire, with many of the songs based in the non-dual teachings. These songs express my deepest gratitude for the gift of life, this sweet nectar of love that is who we are, and a noticing that this very moment is truly all there is.
Please enjoy these songs. May one or another of them serve to bring joy, inspiration and a sweet ease of being to your day!


Quiet Joy

Song for Gabriel

Loving What Is

Simply Here